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"With Your Presence and Sparkling
You've Taken the
Best of Magic, and Really
Made it Shine."

- Mark Wilson

Famed Magician
"You've Shown Me Something
I've Never Seen

in all My Years of Magic."

- Harry Blackstone, Jr.

"Whenever Howard Performs at the
Castle, Our Crowds Get Bigger.

He's One of the Most Popular Working
Magicians Today.

- Bill Larsen

Founder, The Magic Castle

About Howard Jay

After wandering aimlessly for the first ten years, Howard began his magic career at the age of eleven. For this first professional show, Howard received a whopping $5 and a top hat to use in his newly formed act.

With budding talent, a natural sense of humor and serious determination, Howard spent years honing his skills. In fact, every aspect of his daily life has contributed to his sense of magic and his passion for awakening this magic in his audiences.

Howard even uses his degree in Psychology from Duke University in order to interact and stay in-tune with his audiences so that a wondrous atmosphere is created and each audience member leaves the show feeling like the performance was especially for them.

The forty articles and interviews that he has authored for national magazines have helped him to fine-tune his ability to ask all the right questions of the host and then write and adapt his shows so that each performance is beguiling, bewildering and beyond compare.

The series of scripts he has written for children's educational television has helped him to inspire childlike fun in his audiences, no matter what age they are.

Throughout his career, Howard has been deft and artful in his expression of his craft. This has meant that since arriving in Los Angeles in 1989, Howard has been a fixture at Hollywood's famed Magic Castle, starring there more than almost any other entertainer.

Although he is just as happy performing for the family-next-door as he is for celebrities, Howard's charming humor, strong magic and unique style of tailoring his performance to each event, has made him one of the most popular magicians in Hollywood.

Howard can be reached by phone at (213) 434-1982. So whether you're hosting a Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, Holiday Party, Kid's Show, Adult Birthday Party, or even a Harry Potter Theme Party, Howard Jay can provide the key to your event's entertainment.

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