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"Your Warmth and Gentle Humor
Really Make Your Shows Amazing."
-Lisa Bonet

"Howard Is That Rare Ingredient
That Makes An Event A Success."

- Bill Bell, Sr.

The Young And The Restless

Stage Shows

Howard's beguiling magic -and the enthralling atmosphere he conjures in his stage shows- creates an enchanting event beyond all expectations. You'll fall in love with the experience.

There are moments you and your guests will remember forever.

For some, it's when Howard turns over a full glass of water above the head of your favorite guest. The entire audience doubles over in laughter as he squirms in his seat, fearing he is about to get drenched, and then looks on amazed, as the water hangs safely suspended in mid air. (A few years back, it was former Heavyweight Champion George Forman under Howard's glass. He, however, didn't squirm - he growled. Luckily for Howard Jay, the trick always works.)

For some, it's the bewildered look on their boss's face, when Howard pulls a watch from a sealed envelope in a zippered wallet and he gasps and grabs for it, realizing that it's his watch!

For some, it's the surprise in seeing the iconic, always-talked-about-but never-seen, rabbit jumping out of a hat that an unsuspecting audience member has been holding in her very hands.

People are left with questions they talk about for years. "How did that dollar explode in a flash of light and then end up inside a lemon? How did he tear up that newspaper into a hundred pieces and then squeeze it instantly back together? And that rope trick? And the rings? That just can't happen!"

Howard Jay also specializes in Children's performances (ever since he was a child himself).

Howard got a call one day to perform at the plush Hotel Intercontinental in Downtown Los Angeles. When he asked the usual questions, "Is it a stage show or close-up?" Who is the show for? He was told, "They won't say - just bring everything." At the hotel, security whisked Howard up to a private suite, where he began preparing the props for his show, - including a section of the day's Los Angeles Times. At that moment, he noticed two burly sheriff deputies standing over his shoulder, glaring at him; and he realized who his audience was going to be - the still sequestered OJ trial jury. "It's okay, this won't corrupt the trial, it's just the sports section," Howard said, and the deputies backed off. You see, this was the night that the jury had already made their sealed decision, but it was not to be released until the next morning. So, as the press surrounded the block, and the world awaited the outcome of the trial, what was the jury doing? Why, watching magic and illusions of course - with Howard Jay.

Pyrophilla Hydrophobia