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"A Tremendous Exhibition of Talent
That Makes You Believe in Magic!"
          - Kent McCray
    Michael Landon Productions

"You are the Greatest. 
I'm Hiring You for all My Parties."
- Gary Busey     

                              "Howard Jay was at once 
      Enthralling, Scintillating
         And Above All, Very Entertaining.
       He Made This The Best Party We've Ever Had."
         - Johnnie L. Cochran, Jr.
Private Affairs

Whether you’re hosting a cocktail party, wedding, graduation party, family gathering, anniversary, retirement celebration, holiday event or Bar / Bat Mitzvah, Howard Jay makes each private party one to remember.

By gaining details from you about the purpose of the gathering, the audience and the guest of honor, Howard adapts his performance to highlight the uniqueness of your special event.

With a classy style, comedy that will keep you laughing the whole way through the show, and carefully tailored tricks of his trade, Howard Jay delivers a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Howard Jay also specializes in Children's performances (ever since he was a child himself).

"Howard, I can't begin to tell you how many guests that attended our luncheon are still talking about your show! What really impressed me was how inclusive of everyone you were with your humor and your interactions with the audience. Your show was the highlight of our event, that brought joy to the day. THANK YOU!"

-Bill Banks, City of Beverly Hills.

"Our clients are always thrilled with your performances, which is why, whenever we get the call for a magician we always say, 'let's call Howard Jay!'"

- Laurice M. Martinez, Talent Coordinator, de Bois Productions.

During one of his recent Magic Castle performances, Howard asked for an assistant from the audience. A young woman from Huntington Beach volunteered. She got even more magic than she bargained for. Astonished to see a live rabbit appear in the empty hat she was holding, she was even more amazed when Howard produced a large diamond engagement ring. Her boyfriend stood up in the 5th row and there - in front of a packed house - proposed. Happily she said, "Yes."