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Collected Quotes and Anecdotes

"Crazy. That's amazing. Crazy." - Tommy Lee

"Talk about a well-written show! Howard's magic performance works on all levels… and the way he improvises is astounding." - Norman Lear

"You are the greatest. I am hiring you for all my parties." - Gary Busey

"How'd you get that watch off my wrist? Man, my wife would have killed me if I came home without that watch!" - Tom Waits

When Ringo Starr was planning a fab 50th birthday for his wife, Barbara Bach, he knew what he wanted. He called his assistant aside, and said: "Here's her guest list. Now add every major celebrity in Los Angeles." And for entertainment? -Howard Jay. In an outrageous evening, which included impromptu performances by Ringo Starr, Stevie Nix, Tom Petty, Brian Wilson, Nils Lofgren, Randy Bachman and Jack Nicholson (just being himself by the pool), Howard Jay kept the magic in the Magical Mystery tour.

"Everyone thoroughly appreciated the elegant fun you brought to the event. You incorporated our theme so well." - Pam Morasse - Kaiser Permanente

"In addition to 'magical' talents you have a unique gift for captivating and enchanting people of all ages." - George Herring - Dupont

"Your unique blend of magic and comedy proved to be the highlight of our annual IBM Kick-off Meeting. I truly appreciate your going the extra mile to make your act meaningful to our company." - H. F. Bliss - I.B.M.

Attorney Johnnie Cochran was more than surprised when Howard pulled his gold watch out of a sealed envelope from a zippered compartment of his wallet. He hadn't even noticed it was missing. When his wife chided him for letting Howard steal his watch, Howard pulled out her watch and suggested she shouldn't nag.

"You've shown me something I've never seen in all my years of magic." - Harry Blackstone, Jr.

"Solid work!" - Tim Allen

"That's amazing. Now there's a trick I'd like to learn..." - Brandon Tartikoff

Recently, Howard Jay turned a full glass of water upside down over World Heavyweight Champion George Foreman's head. It brought the house down. Howard was just happy he could keep the water suspended in the glass.

"We couldn't stop laughing." - Buddy Ebsen

"Howard Jay was at once enthralling, scintillating and above all, very entertaining. He made this the best party we've ever had." - Johnnie L. Cochran, Jr.

On his income tax, Howard has successfully written off 1,742 decks of cards, 61 tuxedos, and 15,883 newspapers.

"A tremendous exhibition of talent that makes you believe in magic!" - Kent McCray - Michael Landon Productions

"Your warmth and gentle humor really make your shows amazing." - Lisa Bonet

During one of his recent Magic Castle performances, Howard asked for an assistant from the audience. A young woman from Huntington Beach volunteered. She got even more magic than she bargained for. Astonished to see a live rabbit appear in the empty hat she was holding, she was even more amazed when Howard produced a large diamond engagement ring. Her boyfriend stood up in the 5th row and there - in front of a packed house - proposed. Happily she said, "Yes."

"Howard is that rare ingredient that makes an event a success." - Bill Bell, Sr. - The Young and the Restless

"You were the highlight of the evening." - Derek Bardon - Gold's Gym Corp.

"Three weeks later your magic remains the buzz of conversation." - Burke J. McCarthy - Eastman Kodak

At age 11, Howard was the youngest magician ever pictured in Time Magazine.

"With your presence and sparkling humor, you've taken the best of magic, and really made it shine." - Mark Wilson - Famed Magician

"Your show was absolutely amazing!" - Peter A. Del Franco - Lowes Corporation

"Rarely have I seen a performer with such an amazing blend of charisma, skill and charm. Everyone who gets to see Howard perform is in for a treat beyond what they imagined." -John Corland - American Airlines

Since arriving in L. A. in 1989, Howard Jay has been called back for an almost unprecedented 42 weeks at Hollywood's famed Magic Castle.

"Whenever Howard performs at the Magic Castle, our crowds get bigger. He's one of the most popular working magicians today." - Bill Larsen, owner - The Magic Castle

"The way you worked our promotional themes and business concerns into your dialog was magic in itself! We are still receiving complements." - J. R. Cline - The Los Angeles Times

Howard's training for his magic career includes a B. A. in Psychology from Duke University.