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Children's Performances

Howard Jay learned his trade by performing in elementary and middle schools throughout America, honing his ability to engage and captivate children of every grade level, lighting up their eyes in sheer wonder.

The magic of Howard's children's shows is that the children are always participating – coming up on stage, waving their fingertips like magic wands, experiencing the thrill of making the magic happen themselves – and in many other ways, feeling an integral part of the show. Just as the word Abracadabra means “I create it when I say it,” the children imagine what they want to see, say the magic word, and watch imagination become reality.

Meanwhile, the parents look on, surprised and amazed, knowing that the quality of Howard's shows is far beyond anything they could have imagined at a children's event.

At age 11, Howard was the youngest magician ever pictured in Time Magazine.

"I just wanted to tell you how great your show was today, and how much everyone loved it! They were still talking about it long after you left. Just because someone knows how to do magic tricks, it doesn't mean they'll also be a great performer -- but you are! You just went with the flow of the kids who talked to you, and had very quick and humorous responses that the adults could appreciate. It really was great for both kids and adults.

Nicolette still talks about the 'rabbit out of the hat!' The kids loved that--and everything else of course. We'll be talking about the 'taking my mom's watch trick' for years! I think you mentioned you also do adult parties as well, I'll have to keep that in mind for the future.
Thanks again so very much for really making our party extra special!!!"

-Jamie, Zach, and our birthday girl Nicolette!