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         "How'd You Get That
          Watch off my Wrist?
          Man, My Wife Would Have
          Killed Me if I Came Home
             Without That Watch!"
                 -Tom Waits

"That's Amazing! Now There's A Trick I'd Like To Learn..." - Brandon Tartikoff

Close-up Magic Performances

Howard Jay’s captivating skill of engaging audiences of any size has led to a long and quite magical career as one of the premier close-up magicians.

With the snap of Howard’s finger, a card visibly turns into another card without leaving your guest’s hand. Precious diamond rings are borrowed, vanish and magically reappear. A chosen card slowly rises from the deck (which your incredulous guest is holding!).

Watches are stolen – and often returned – at which point an unsuspecting guest will exclaim, “Say, I have a watch just like that. ---Hey wait a minute, that is my watch!” And among other strange turns of events, Howard teaches your guests how to read minds with astonishing results.

With just a few props in hand, Howard dexterously weaves throughout the gathering, performing magic for small groups and amazing each of them along the way. Magic happens just inches away – in the very hands of your guests – leaving them without explanation for what they have seen and vivid memories for years to come.

Attorney Johnnie Cochran was more than surprised when Howard pulled his gold watch out of a sealed envelope from a zippered compartment of his wallet. He hadn't even noticed it was missing. When his wife chided him for letting Howard steal his watch, Howard pulled out her watch and suggested she shouldn't nag.